Good news !!! NAATI introduced Telugu Language. Booking open now

Good news !!! NAATI introduced Telugu Language. Booking open now

In light of solicitations, NAATI might want to report that Telugu has now been included the Credentialed Community Language (CCL) Testing. Applicants can submit CCL applications from 22nd July 2020 for testing due in late August 2020.

Test spots will be unlocked from 30th July 2020.

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Know more about this language

The Credentialed Community Language Test (CCL) is an evaluation of your language capacities at a community level. The CCL Test is commonly taken by the candidates who are hoping to hold up a point-based visa application. On effectively breezing through the assessment, candidates are granted five extra points for their PR. These extra points are likewise alluded to as Credentialed Community Language Points.

This test is anything but an expert confirmation. On the off chance that you finish the CCL assessment, you are not ensured to work in as a mediator or an interpreter.

For more information in terms of test format and minimum technology requirements, visit this site here