New Proposed 485 Visa Age Limit: Should you be worried?

New Proposed 485 Visa Age Limit: Should you be worried?

Wondering how the newly proposed 485 visa reforms will impact you? Read on to know more.

In an unexpected twist that has left many aspiring residents and students in a state of panic, the Australian government has recently announced a significant potential amendment to the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) eligibility criteria. The introduction of an age limit of 35 years old has particularly stirred the pot, leaving many wondering about their future in this vibrant country. If you find yourself among those scratching their heads, wondering what's next amidst these proposed changes, this post is your beacon through the fog. Let's dive into what this age limit may mean for you and explore the myriad of pathways that remain open to secure your place in Australia.

The 485 Visa in Australia: An Overview

The Australian 485 visa serves as a bridge for international students transitioning from education to employment within the country. This visa allows graduates to live, work, and study temporarily in Australia, offering a valuable opportunity to gain work experience in their field of study.

The Age Limit and Its Implications

For years, the 485 visa has been a popular choice for international students seeking to gain work experience in Australia post-graduation. However, with the new age limit which may be put in place, those over 35 find themselves at a crossroads, questioning their ability to stay and work in Australia after their studies. This change may require a pivot in strategy for many, prompting deeper exploration into the alternative visas and options available.

Decoding the potential new 485 Visa Requirements and Rules

Under the potential new rules, aside from being under the age of 35, applicants must meet other stringent criteria to qualify for the 485 visa. These include having a recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered course and meeting English language requirements, among others. The visa itself is divided into two streams: the Graduate Work stream and the Post-Study Work stream, each with its own set of requirements and validity periods.

The 485 Visa Extension List and Health Cover

For those already on a 485 visa looking to extend their stay, the 485 visa extension list provides options under certain conditions. 

Managing the 485 Visa Fee

The 485 visa fee is an investment in your future in Australia, contributing towards the processing and administration costs of your visa application. The 485 visa fee, alongside the mandatory health cover, represents a significant investment in your future in Australia. It's important to note that maintaining valid 485 visa health cover is a continuous requirement, not just during the time you lodge your application but throughout the duration of your stay in Australia. 

Exploring Options Beyond the 485 Visa Extension

Given the potential 485 visa's new rules, exploring other visa options beyond the 485 visa extension can provide alternative pathways for staying in Australia. Whether it's pursuing further studies, applying for skilled migration, or finding an employer sponsor, understanding the full spectrum of immigration options is beneficial for your long-term planning.

Exploring Alternative Pathways

Irrespective of whether these amendments may come into force, Australia's immigration system is full of rich alternatives to help you extend your stay, work, or even settle permanently in Australia.

  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189): For those with skills in demand, this points-tested visa does not require sponsorship by an employer or family member in Australia.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190): Similar to the 189 but requires nomination by an Australian state or territory government.
  • Regional Visas (subclass 491 and 494): These visas encourage skilled workers to live and work in regional areas of Australia, offering a pathway to permanent residency.
  • Employer-Sponsored Visas: If you've secured employment, your employer might be able to sponsor you for a range of visas, including the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482) and the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186).
  • Study Further: Considering further study can not only enhance your qualifications but also potentially make you eligible for additional visa options in the future. Here are some great tips to get your student visa approved fast.

The Way Forward

While the new proposed age limit for the 485 visa may introduce an undeniable challenge, it also opens the door to exploring a broader spectrum of opportunities that Australia's immigration system has to offer. By staying informed, flexible, and proactive in your approach, you can navigate these changes and carve out a successful future for yourself in Australia. It's also important to remember that you don't have to try to make sense of these highly dynamic immigration policies alone. Working with a trusted and experienced migration consultant can take the stress and hassle out of the immigration journey and help you focus on what's important to you. We at Immi Smart, are among Australia's most trusted migration consultants and we've helped thousands of people make the transition from education to migration and start successful lives and careers in Australia.

The Immi Smart Advantage

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  • Helped over 10000 people receive successful outcomes and start new lives in Australia.
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